We offer a wide variety of specialist telecare equipment, designed to make your life easier and give both you and your family peace of mind from fall detectors to smoke alarms and much more.  These all require the basic alarm to be installed, and therefore the prices are additional to basic alarm cost.

Example 1: A falls pendant that will alert the control centre in the event of a fall from an additional £1.50 (plus VAT) per week.

Example 2: A smoke alarm, linked to the control centre to provide peace of mind that help will be called in the event of smoke being detected from an additional £1.88 (plus VAT) per week.

Example 3: Pill dispenser, a device that will dispense pills at pre-set intervals to help people manage complex medication administration from an additional £6.92 (plus VAT) per week.

We supply and fit Telecare products from our partner Tunstall – their range of Telecare devices can be seen here

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